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Wapek Delicacies: The Multi-million Hotel Owned By Jalango’s Wife.

Wapek delicacies is a multimillion hotel situated along Mama Ngina Street and Kaunda Street in Nairobi Central Business District. The restaurant serves traditional Delicacies. 

Wapek Delicacies.

Wapek Delicacies is a brand new restaurant situated on the 1st floor of Queensway house, opposite International house building and is accessible via both Mama Ngina Street and Kaunda Street in the Central Business District (CBD) of Nairobi. The restaurant mainly specializes in the preparation of authentic African cuisines and traditional foods. It was officially launched on Wednesday April 19th 2022 and the comedian couldn’t hide his joy and took to social media to unveil the premises to his millions of followers. The restaurant will not only serve food but also has a bar lounge where clients can enjoy a bottle of their favorite drinks in the VIP Section. It boasts of an amazing location that is quiet and peaceful where clients can relax and enjoy their meals. The interior décor and ambiance is captivating giving the place an African vibe and the welcoming hospitality team acts as the icing on the cake.

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Wapek Delicacies Ownership.

While Speaking to the Online Media during the official unveiling of the restaurant, Jalang’o revealed that he does not own the premises but he only supported the dreams of his wife.

This is not my restaurant, this is my wife’s project. It would be bad if I took the credit when it is not actually my work. My wife has always wanted to open a restaurant for the longest time and I supported her to open this one,” he said.

He went on to explain that the restaurant is majorly based on an African theme hence the interesting traditional décor and food. He revealed that most hotels in Nairobi’s Central Business District are mostly serving international and Somali cuisines and they decided to offer something unique in the market. He also revealed that it cost them millions to establish the restaurant.

It is very expensive. First, to get a room like this in the CBD is very expensive. Goodwill alone will run up to almost 5 million Kenyan shillings. But it is also not a matter of money, it’s all about the experience one wants to create that supersedes the money. Our happiness is when people feel better than what we spent here. At the end of the day it’s a business and a business you have to invest heavily,” he told the online media.

Wapek Delicacies Bar.

On one section of the hotel is a bar lounge with comfy seats and affordable drinks. During the exclusive interview that aired on YouTube, the comedian revealed that he is the one who came with the bar idea.

This other side is actually mine. Because the bar is here and my wife is Muslim. Tulipigana Sana for me to be able to convince her that we need a bar here. But since watu watakaa hapa hadi late night, kuna watu wakishakula samaki yake anataka ateremshe Na Pilsner baridi ama Black label. We had a long fight about that but eventually we agreed, even with other business partners we are working with. And we all agreed to set up the bar,” he explained.

The bar section is going to have classic entertainment such as live music band, comedy nights and guest artists performance.