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The Best Binary Trading Robots by Sammyboy Kenya!

Forex trading is becoming increasingly popular in the country with many seeking to learn how the market works. Trading on yourself can prove to be a difficult task hence the need of seeking knowledge from a professional mentor. Sammyboy Kenya has simplified the trading process by creating a software that helps traders execute successful trades. All the binary robots he has invented are tested, verified and are over 95 percent profitable. In this article, the African Torch highlights the best binary bots by Sammyboy Kenya.

The Dollar Path.

The Dollar Path is one of the famous and best trading robots in the market. The robot has an accuracy of 98 percent in trading indices in the market. Since its inception, over 20,000 people have bought and used the bot not only from Kenya but across the world. The robot has a martingale system doubles up your stake in case of a loss and helps you recover your money in the next trade. The trading robot is highly rate and recommended for beginners who are starting off in the trading space. The robot goes for Ksh 10,000 only.

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Bogat Pro.

Bogat Pro is a customized trading robot that ranks among the best trading bots in the market. It is 97 percent profitable and has been used by over 15,000 traders from across the world. The minimum stake you can use to trade with this bot is 0.35 dollars and the returns are quite impeccable. If you are a trader looking to grow your account with a minimum balance then this is the trading bot for you. It retails in the market at Ksh 10,000 only.

The American Dream 1 & 2.

The American Dream 1 & 2 are among the newest trading robots invented by Sammyboy Kenya. The software is integrated to place trades for you and reduce the risks involved in the market so you do not have to blow your account.  It has a martingale system that helps you recover losses to ensure that your robot is as profitable as possible. The two versions are almost similar and are all customized with an over 97 percent accuracy. The two trading bots retail at Ksh 10,000 each.

Arab Money Pro.

Arab Money is one of the two latest trading robots developed by Sammyboy. The bot trades on indices on different categories including; Rise and fall, Matches and Differs and Even and Odd. It is integrated with a martingale system, a take profit and a stop loss feature that helps you do proper risk management. Although it is still new in the market, this bot has proved to be profitable with positive feedback received from the clients who acquired it. The trading robot retails at Ksh 10,000 in the current market.

The Matchbox Trading Bot.

The Matchbox Trading Robot is the second newest bot in the market. Developed by Sammyboy in 2022, it comes with a take profit, stop loss and martingale feature that enhances your profitability and reduces the risk involved in the market. This trading bot is by far the best in the market and has an accuracy of 99 percent. You are guaranteed to make some good money with this trading robot once you learn the tricks of analyzing the graph. The Matchbox trading robot goes for Ksh 15,000.

Even Odd Custom Bot.

The Even Odd Custom Bot is a trading bot developed and customized by Sammyboy Kenya to trade indices on the Even and Odd Category. This bot will help you determine entry spots and exit spots to ensure that the risk of losses is reduced. Since its inception, more than 10,000 people from across Africa have used it and have given positive feedback about it. It has a martingale feature and is highly recommended for accounts with a good balance. The trading robot currently retails at Ksh 20,000.

Elite Force Pro.

If you are a beginner in the binary trading space, then this is one of the trading robots you should consider. Built with a martingale system, it can execute trades on the even and odd, up and down and matches and differs sections. Since its inception, the bot has been used across the world and has been rated at five stars. The minimum stake you can use to place trades is 0.35 dollars and with an account balance of 50 dollars, you are good to go. The trading robot goes for Ksh 10,000 in the current market price.

Other Bots.

Apart from the major seven bots, there are other trading robots in the market that are quite profitable. They include the Banker Pro Bot, V Power Bot, Ripper Bot and the Monk Pro trading robots. All these bots are still available in the market and have a 95 percent accuracy. They all retail at Ksh 5,000 in the current market price.

Where to Buy the Trading Robots.

If you are interested in buying any of the trading robots mentioned in this article, visit Samyboy’s official website via –

Kindly don’t buy the trading robots from third parties since the trading robots are only customized to be used by one software.

Also note that trading is quite risky, do not start trading before acquiring knowledge on how to use the trading bots and how the market works. You can inbox @Sammyboy_Kenya on instagram for mentorship or any queries.

Check out training videos on Youtube via – Sammyboy Kenya.