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Sammyboy Kenya: the 25 year old who found success in trading forex using robots!

Young people in Kenya have increasingly become innovative in terms of walking away from the traditional job employment to finding ways of making money in the online space. Forex trading is one of the ways young people are using to become their own boss. In this article, we bring you exclusively, the journey of one such man who rose from a humble background in Kisii to finding success in forex trading through creating binary robots. Here is the story of Sammyboy Kenya as told by the African Torch.

Sammyboy Kenya Background.

Sammyboy Kenya was born and raised in the interior villages of Kisii County where he spent the better part of his childhood and teenage life. After clearing his secondary school education, he traveled to Nairobi where he joined the prestigious United States International University (USIU). 

The Hustle.

While he was still on campus, he began thinking of ways to make a living for himself instead of depending on his mother who had other responsibilities of taking care of the siblings. It was during this time that he stumbled on the world of trading after extensive research online. He first got into Crypto currency where he would trade the different crypto currencies such as bitcoin, etherium, altcoins, USDT, Litecoin, XRP, Cardano, tether, Solana and Dogecoin among many others. He would use the buy, hold and sell strategy which basically meant that he would buy a coin then wait for its value to appreciate before selling it at a profit in the binance platform. 

He did that for a while before he would then discover binary trading in 2019. Binary trading is a form of forex trading where one trades indices instead of currencies in the foreign exchange market. Armed with the coding and IT skills learnt at USIU, he embarked on a journey to create a robot that would help him execute the trades. He created his first trading robot in 2020 which he named ‘Elite Force.’ 

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The Journey.

Having invented the trading robot, he was now set to go and he began analyzing the market and using the robot to place and execute trades successfully. He slowly began making little profits which was helping him sustain himself in Nairobi. Over time, he became really good at it which led him to acquire his first car a Toyota ractis while aged 22 years old. He was now able to take care of himself, the siblings and even built a house for his mother in Kisii. Despite finding success, the journey has not always been smooth as most people perceive. During a past interview with SPM Buzz that aired on YouTube, the 25 year old revealed that he at some point made a loss of Ksh 2 million while trading binary when the market crashed.

When I lost that money was when I was building my mother a house. I had to pause on the construction and I felt like I was living in my last moments. What I did is I took time, I believe time heals and God works in miraculous ways. It took me one week, chilling and planning my things slowly and the little money I would make, I would send it to the builders to continue with the construction,” he said.

He was able to complete the 4 bedroom villa for his mother in Kisii which is estimated to be worth Ksh 6.4 million.


Over the years Sammyboy has become really good at what he does and has so far created several trading robots that help him in executing his trades. Some of the trading robots include; The Dollar path which is the most popular one, The American Dream 1 and 2, the Arab money and Bogat pro. You can buy any of the trading robots through his official website – He has also created a brand for himself in the social media space where he does live videos coaching and mentoring people on matters binary trading. He has since garnered over 540,000 followers on instagram and over 28,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. 

Like the sharp entrepreneur he is, after finding success in the trading space, he decided to invest his profits in physical businesses so as to diversify his income flow and portfolio. He is the owner of Coolkids Connect – a state of the art gaming lounge located at Safari Business Arcade building, along USIU road Nairobi. He owns Driphouse Connect – a trendy fashion shop that mainly targets young people and also he is the owner of Fernwhe Beauty Barber – a world class modern beauty salon, spa and barber shop located on the first floor of Memphis building in Nairobi.