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Pampered Village: Here is the fancy restaurant owned by Alex Mwakideu!

Alex Mwakideu is a renowned Radio Presenter having been in the field for over 15 years. He currently hosts a breakfast show alongside Wilbroda at Milele Fm, a station owned by MediaMax limited. The Radio Presenter recently opened a fancy restaurant that has become quite popular in Kitengela. In this article we highlight everything you need to know about Pampered Village Restaurant.

Pampered Village Restaurant. 

Pampered Village Restaurant is located along Acacia road off the Kitengela – Namanga Highway just behind Hola petrol station. It is situated just opposite his car wash named Pampered Car Wash.  During an exclusive interview with his long-time friend Felix Odiwuor alias Jalas that aired on Jalang’o TV YouTube channel, Mwakideu revealed that the restaurant will mainly focus on preparing Swahili dishes.

“Hapa ni Pampered Village, yaani Uswahilini haswa. Njoo upate raha ya Uswahilini, sio kila siku ukija Kitengela unakula nyama choma tu. Chakula chetu ni kitamu sana, njoo uwe shaidi,” the Presenter explained.

When asked about the prices, this is what he had to say.

“Ni mahali pa watu wa kawaida, watu wa kujielewa na kupenda vitu vizuri. Yaani the finer things in life, maana hapa tuna kila kitu kizuri na pia utafurahia services zetu,” he revealed during the interview.

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Why start a restaurant venture?

During an interview with Daniel Ndambuki on the journey series that aired on Churchill show, the 41 year old revealed that he got the idea of starting a side hustle during the pandemic after his salary was slashed by 50 percent in 2020.

“This business came about in 2020 during the pandemic. Our employers slashed our salaries by half when the pandemic struck the country. I was left with two options at my disposal; either I go back to my wife and tell her that we need to adjust our lifestyle because we do not have 50 percent of our income or I find ways to raise the money elsewhere. I chose the latter and first opened the car wash before beginning to construct the restaurant in Mid-2020,” he said during the show.

Since its launch, the restaurant has become a favorite spot to many residents of Kitengela who often visit to have a taste of Coastal cuisines nearer.

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