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Mwangi Wa Mercedes: From Hawking Mtumba to Becoming a Succesfull Car Dealer Owning a Porsche Cayenne!

The story of Mwangi wa Mercedes is one that can’t go untold. From selling second hand mitumba clothes in Nyahururu, Thika and Mombasa to becoming a successful car dealer. Mwangi currently owns a car yard in Mombasa and Nairobi and is behind celebrity exotic vehicles including Obinna, Masterpiece, Otile Brown, Arrow boy and Nadia Mukami. Here is the full story as told by the African Torch.

Mwangi Wa Mercedes Journey.

The journey of Patrick Mwangi alias Mwangi Wa Mercedes began while he was in Laikipia Boys High School in Form two when he used to sell second hand clothes famously known as Mtumba in Nyahururu during the holidays. He did the business for two years and after completing his secondary education in 2005, he moved from Nyahururu and went to Thika where he began hustling for himself. He would then open his own kibanda near Thika stadium whereby he would source mtumba from Gikomba market and sell them in Thika at a profit.

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He then one day got to hear of a job opportunity in Malindi and being the go-getter he is, he packed everything and traveled to Malindi. He would then work as a driver for one of Malindi based hotels for around three months before relocating to Mombasa in 2012 with savings amounting up to Ksh 25,000. He would then start buying mitumba clothes at Kongowea market then resell them along Moi Avenue in Mombasa’s Central Business District (CBD). He would do that for one year and in 2013 after the general elections, he had raised some good amount of money which helped him set up a fashion shop along Digo road which was a huge success.

He would do that for quite some time and despite it being a success, he felt the urge to try out something new and different. While speaking during an exclusive interview with Catherine Mwangi that aired on KTN TV, he revealed that it is father in law who made him realize the car selling business.

“Along the way I got married then one day my father in law was in a crisis and needed money. He gave me his probox and logbook and asked me to sell the car. I took the car and whatever amount he asked me to bring him, I made around an extra 50,000 after successfully selling the car. After selling it, that’s when I knew that this is what I’m supposed to do. And so my journey with cars began then, it was in 2015,” he said.

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Becoming a Car Dealer and Big break.

He would then start being a broker buying cars on behalf of his relatives and friends back in the village. It wasn’t an easy journey for him and it took him almost a year before he sold his next car to a client. He however didn’t give up and the big break finally came in 2016 when he sold two luxurious cars in one day making a very good amount of money as commission.

He would start saving the money he was making until he had around Ksh 270,000 which he used to buy a Toyota vitz at Ksh 250,000. That’s when he owned his first car which he later sold at Ksh 380,000 and the journey of selling used cars began. He then did the used car business for a while and along the way he met a Pakistan friend who challenged him to start selling brand new cars. Mwangi took up the challenge and sold the five used cars he owned and imported a Mercedes Benz C 200 which now ushered him to the importing cars business.


Mwangi Wa Mercedes is currently one of the best car dealers in the country owning car yards in both Nairobi and Mombasa. He has sold high end cars to corporate executives and celebrities such as Kiss TV Radio Presenter Obinna, gospel musician Masterpiece, Otile Brown, Arrow Boy and Nadia Mukami among many others. On 16th May 2022, Mwangi bought himself a brand new Ksh 6.9 million Porsche Cayenne as his birthday gift.