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Inside Citizen TV News Anchor Mwanahamisi Hamadi Lucrative Side Hustle!

Mwanahamisi Hamadi is a popular Swahili News Anchor working with Citizen under Royal Media Services (RMS). Despite having a flourishing career in the media world, Mwanahamisi has ventured into the business sector. Here is the lucrative side hustle owned by Mwanahamisi Hamadi as explored by the African Torch. 

Mwanahamisi Hamadi.

Mwanahamisi Hamadi is a renowned journalist who works as a Swahili News Anchor for Royal Media Services owned Citizen TV. The University of Nairobi alumni has over 10 years of experience in the media world, most of which she has spent at Royal Media Services. She joined Citizen TV in 2010 as a reporter and producer where she was behind a popular show known as ‘Siha na Maumbile’ that aired every Thursday on Citizen TV. She currently hosts the 7.00pm Nipashe News show and also produces the Mwanamke Bomba show – a series that depicts the struggles of diligent women who are doing great things in Kenya.

The show has led her to get awarded for her immense contributions and efforts in empowering the Kenyan women to go after their dreams. She also hosts a radio show dubbed ‘Raha Karaha’ that airs every Friday night on Radio Citizen. Apart from the media world, Mwanahamisi loves cooking and hosts a show known as ‘Mapishi Time’ which has a huge following on Viusasa. In the show, she shares some of her best recipes and explains the different ways of how to prepare a quality meal. It is this passion for cooking that pushed her to start a side hustle in the food industry.

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Chully Foods and Spices.

Mwanahamisi Hamadi is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Chully Foods and Spices – a company that sources and sells authentic and high quality food spices. The idea was driven by her love for cooking and inspired by the need to fill in the gap in the market by providing the right spices. The company operates one branch in Nairobi but is aiming to spread across different parts of the country in the near future. While speaking during an exclusive interview with one of the local publications, Mwanahamisi revealed that the business is doing quite well so far.

Chully Foods and Spices is doing exceptionally well and it is what has kept me busy especially when i’m not in the newsroom and during my free time,” she revealed.

The talented News Anchor joins the list of fellow journalists Trevor Ombija, Rashid Abdalla, Lulu Hassan, Ken Mijungu, Alex Mwakideu, Jeff Koinange and Felix Odiwuor alias Jalango who also operate lucrative side hustles outside their successful media careers.