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Most Expensive cars owned by Young and famous content creators in Kenya!

Young people have in the recent past proved that you can literally be young, rich and famous. Kenya has seen a surge in the number of successful content creators such as actors, musicians, comedians and Youtubers. In this article, the African Torch takes a look at the most expensive cars owned by young and famous Kenyan content creators.

Mungai Eve.

Evelyne Mungai Wanjiku popularly known as Mungai Eve is a popular Kenyan Youtuber who began her journey by interviewing slum residents in the streets. One of her videos interviewing Gotta city went viral on the internet and that’s how her career took off. She is currently one of the most followed content creators with over 586,000 subscribers on Youtube and 456,000 followers on instagram. The 22 year old currently makes up to Ksh 1.5 million in a good month and landed a deal as the official brand ambassador of betting company Odibets. Mungai Eve and her boyfriend Trevor, who doubles up as her director, drive a Toyota Crown Majesta which they acquired in January 2022 during their dating anniversary. A spot check on the Toyota Crown 2014 model reveals that the car costs anywhere between Ksh 2.1 – Ksh 2.5 million.

Crazy Kennar.

Kennedy Odhiambo famously known as Crazy Kennar is a popular Kenyan actor and comedian. Crazy Kennar began his acting career by making hilarious short videos which he posted in his social media accounts. The videos would then blow up attracting a large number of viewers and the rest as they say is history. His YouTube channel has grown to have over 532,000 subscribers and over 133 million views. He also has over 832,000 followers on instagram where he works with corporates in brand endorsements and promotions. Apart from comedy, the young content creator is a businessman owning Instant Delicacies – a fast food restaurant in Juja. The comedian drives a Toyota Prado TX which is estimated to cost between Ksh 4.7 to Ksh 5.3 million.

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Thee Pluto.

Robert Ndegwa Kamau popularly known as Thee Pluto is a famous Kenyan Youtuber and content creator. He became famous in 2021 through making loyalty test videos famously known as ‘Sanitizing’ which he posts on his Youtube channel. The Channel has grown to have over 554,000 subscribers and over 105 million views. He has also garnered over 444,000 followers on instagram where he works with corporate companies. Apart from content creation, he is an event’s organizer and a businessman with interests in the real estate sector. The 23 year old drives a Toyota Prado TX that is estimated to be worth between Ksh 4.7 and Ksh 5.3 million. He recently acquired a Mazda CX-5 estimate to be worth Ksh 3 million.


States is a popular Kenyan content creator and Youtuber. He first came to the limelight through making short clips with his girlfriend that went viral on tiktok. He has since garnered over 178,000 followers on tiktok, 63,000 subscribers on YouTube and 124,000 followers on instagram. Apart from content creation, the 25 year old is a businessman in the liquor, automobiles and fashion industries. He drives an Audi A3 worth Ksh 2 million and Audi A5 worth Ksh 2.5 million.

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