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Jane Onyango: I make Ksh 40,000 per month from rearing chicken!

The Agribusiness sector is an industry that is not exploited as much as it should despite it having a huge potential. It is with no doubt that the very few who dare to put their feet into the industry, reap a fortune in return. In this article, we bring you the story of one such daring woman who now makes Ksh 40,000 per month from rearing chicken. Here is the full story of Jane Onyango as told by the African Torch.

Jane Onyango Farming Journey.

Jane Onyango is a local farmer based in Wagayi village, Awendo constituency, Migori county. Her farming journey began back in January 2014 after getting inspiration from her grandmother. At first she wanted to rear the chickens to get a few coins to serve as pocket money only to later realize that she could actually make a living out of it. Her grandmother gifted her three kienyeji chicken- two hens and one cock valued at Ksh 1,800. She would then take care of the chickens and the numbers steadily grew to 168.

The Breakthrough.

It is during this time that she realized that she could turn this venture into a source of livelihood. She decided to diversify and added 30 Indian rainbow rooster chicken varieties – 24 hens and six cocks. The Indian Rainbow Rooster is a hybrid chicken variety which comes as a result of a crossbreed of two high yielding Indian chicken breeds. She then bought a 48 egg capacity incubator which she used to increase her production levels. In 2015, she acquired more kienyeji and hybrid chicken and another 260 egg capacity incubator after discovering she could make money from selling chicks. While speaking during a past interview with she revealed that she invested in the production and the profits were worth it.

“Because of the high demand for chicks locally, I increased production and the profit was worthwhile. I produced 150 chicks per month on average which, to me, was a good start,” she explained.

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The Success.

In October 2015, her poultry farm which she named Jane Jann Farm got an opportunity to exhibit at the Migori Agricultural Show and the rest as they say is history.

“I got a massive boost in popularity. I got a bigger market from our display at the show, which culminated in the purchase of a new 2,200 egg capacity incubator in January. The larger incubator meant more eggs, so I had to source eggs locally,” she said during the interview.

Currently she sources up to 15 trays of eggs per week at a cost of Ksh 750 each. The eggs are put into the incubator for a period of 19 days and a further two days at the hatchery stage. Once the chicks are hatched, they are transferred into a brooder for a maximum of three days before they can be sold. She then sell a day old chick at Ksh 120 and a months old one at Ksh 420, any unsold chicks are left to grow up to maturity at the farm. On a bad month she makes an average of Ksh 40,000 from selling the chicks and has employed three workers to help her in the farm.

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