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Antony Mwaura: The Controversial Man Now Heading KRA.

Antony Mwaura

President Ruto, on Friday, November 18th 2022, appointed Antony Ng’ang’a Mwaura as the new Chairperson of the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). 

Antony Ng’ang’a was the Chairman of the National Elections Board (NEB) at United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Party.

He is the owner of Hardi Enterprises Limited and Toddy Civil Engineering Company.

Here is the story of Antony Mwaura as told by the African Torch.

Antony Mwaura.

Anthony Mwaura served as the National Elections Board (NEB) Chairman at United Democratic Alliance (UDA), a party that steered William Ruto into the presidency in the August 9th 2022, general elections. He is the father to Alice Wambui Ng’ang’a, the former Thika Town Member of Parliament (MP), and Wambui B. Ng’ang’a, who unsuccessfully vied for the Nairobi County Women Representative under Azimio la Umoja coalition before she was knocked out in the party nominations by Esther Passaris.

He is the director of Hardi Enterprises Limited and Toddy Civil Engineering Company, together with his wife, Rose Njeri.

Court Case.

Mwaura hit the headlines in 2020 after being accused of purchasing five vehicles using funds allegedly stolen from Nairobi County, as reported by Business Daily. High Court Judge Mumbi Ngugi froze his bank accounts and cars following an application by the Assets Recovery Agency (ARA). The seized vehicles included a Mercedes Benz, Toyota Vanguard, Toyota Lexus, Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota Hilux. Mwaura refuted the claims arguing that three of the cars seized were bought before the companies secured tenders with City Hall.

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Evidence presented in court by Business Daily showed Hardi Enterprises and Toddy Civil Engineering Company made suspicious amounts of money. On November 22nd 2018, Hardi received Ksh 102,414,130 from City Hall through its Equity Bank. The money was split into five branches Ksh 5,156,118, Ksh 48,651,988, Ksh 26,154,700, Ksh 18,063,443 and Ksh 4,387,839. Some of the money was later transferred to Toddy and the rest to the then Nairobi governor, Mike Sonko’s accounts.

Another Equity Bank account frozen received a Ksh 175.5 million in eight batches from October 15th to November 22nd 2018, from the Nairobi county government. ARA told the court that Sonko used the companies to embezzle county government funds. Mwaura dismissed the allegations claiming that the companies were undertaking 15 projects in the county.

Toddy Civil Engineering Company.

Mwaura established Toddy Civil Engineering Company in 2002 and started with two employees in Karatina. It grew slowly until 2008 when it was incorporated as a limited company under the Companies Act. It then ventured into civil engineering, construction, machinery lease and supply of construction materials. The company has since worked with various government agencies, including Tana Water Works Development Agency, State Department for Youth Affairs, National Water Conservation & Pipeline Corporation, Kenya Urban Roads Authority, Coast Water Development Agency, KeNHA, Athi Water Works and Kenya Rural Roads Authority.

Some of the key projects undertaken include Yatta Canal Rehabilitation Project Lot 2, Mombasa Water Supply Lot 2, Ptokou and Sangat Irrigation Project, Voi Urban and Rural Water Supply, Kyeni Water Supply Project, Murang’a sewerage project, Isiolo Water Project, Kambi Ya Mawe project, Proposed Demolition, NYS Yatta field Unit, Excavations of Storm Drain Works and Routine Maintenance for FY 2010-2011-KURA/LE/KITUI 004.

Others include Laipoli, Kainuk and Kakuma Dams in Turkana, Ivingoni Earth Dam, Kabuto Water Dam, Kwa Moroto, Toyet, Dainamoi and Kurtan Dams in West Pokot, Bayet Dam in Uasin Ngishu, Ithanga Water project, Nzoia Flood Control, Maruba Dam, Hohwe Earth Dam, Sabul Moi Water Pan, Budalangi Dykes, Kaimet Dam, Nyaribo Water Project, Kapowen Dam, Mutaranga Concrete Dam and Thiha Sagana Irrigation project.

Appointment as KRA Boss.

On Friday, November 18th 2022, President William Ruto appointed Anthony Mwaura as the new Board Chairperson of Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), replacing Francis Muthaura, who has served in the position since May 2018. In a gazette notice, the head of state picked Mwaura to serve in the position for a period of three years.

“In exercise of the powers conferred by section 6(2) (a) of the Kenya Revenue Authority Act, I, William Ruto, President of the Republic of Kenya and Commander in Chief of the Defense Forces, appoint Anthony Ng’ang’a Mwaura to be the Chairperson of Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), for a period of three years with effect from November 18th 2022,” read the official statement.